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Seven Point


Seven Point is a licensed medical cannabis dispensary conveniently located in vibrant downtown Oak Park, Il. We are here to provide exceptional care to greater Chicago and the western suburbs. Your visit to Seven Point will always include convenient parking, kind, and knowledgeable staff. Patients will always receive a clear explanation of how to use your medical cannabis products and accessories. We believe medical cannabis is most effective when coupled with healthful living. Since February 2015, Seven Point has been dedicated to educating patients, caregivers, physicians, and community members about the medical use of cannabis. In addition to continuing our outreach efforts, we provide individualized medical cannabis consultation, physician collaboration, and health and wellness focused activities. We are passionate about being on the pulse of medical cannabis research and treatment options. We listen closely to needs and concerns in order to most effectively partner with our clients. Seven Point will always provide a variety of cannabinoid profiles, ratios, and formulations in conjunction with clear and concise guidance regarding our products and their recommended use. Seven Point is adjacent to the Holly Court Parking Garage which is free daily for 1.5 hours and all day Sundays. The location for the garage is 1149 Holly Ct., Oak Park, IL 60301.


License : A10-17-0000082-TEMP
Email : [email protected]
Address : 1132 Lake Street
City : Oak Park
State : IL
Country : US
Zip : 60301


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